Tuesday, 22 August 2017

All for the entrepreneurs

The YERRF project is socially, culturally and entrepreneurially integrated to help young entrepreneurs pursue their dream. But is that enough?

There is a lot to do behind all of this, that is why our project is in charge of accompanying you on your path to business success. For this we have the support of universities, business schools and languages, organizations, etc; to meet our goal of turning them into future entrepreneurs.

Here we do not make distinctions as of race, age, origin or sex; Everyone needs help and everyone has the right to be both a person and an entrepreneur. We give them opportunities to teach them how to cope with every stumble, stone or hole they encounter on their way to success.

If you are a young person, didactic and with desires to make your dream come true, I invite you to visit us on our blog:

and our website:

Get in touch with us and tell us a bit about how we can help you. If you still want to make sure of our project we leave you an interactive video so that you can get an idea.

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